It's our 10 year anniversary. Here's your $600 gift!
What an amazing first decade for PCAudioLabs, from an idea over dinner at a Thai restaurant to the world's most recognized name in audio computing, it's been a wild ride - and we couldn't have done it without our incredible clients!

To kick off our next decade in style, we thought we would work with some of our friends to create a software and content bundle that would redefine people's expectations, just like we did with our first ten years. And by the way, it's included for free.

This is more than just a collection of pieces - we took our time thinking about what people need to really see a project through, from writing, to recording, to technical help and even releasing your finished songs. This is a total solution.
Anniversary Bundle
Sonar X1 Essential
Komplete Elements
Vielklang Instant Harmony
Amplitube Free
Sampletank Free Subscription
Obedia Video Package
All items come pre-installed for free on your Rok Box MC. This offer is for a limited time.
  Starting at $1,599.00
Chart topping performance with
the Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
A very powerful processor brings out
the best of your music with more tracks, more plugins, more instruments, and more time to make more music.
Whisper Quiet Operation.
Is this thing on?
Our special blend of cooling fans and power supply efficiency set the standard for a quiet and stable audio computer all year round.
Dual Display Graphics.
2 screens are better than 1.
Rok Box's multiple display graphics
allow you to use multiple screens and
organize your DAW windows any way you please.
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