FeedBack   Pronunciation: \’fēd-,bak\ Function: noun.
The return of information about the result of a process or activity; an
evaluative response.
"I have a reliable system that is superfast."
Toby W  - San Diego , CA
"PCAudioLabs was our first choice for custom-built DAW's."
Kurt B
"Thanks for everything, so far my new Rok Box is running great. It is super speedy and really really quiet. I am glad I found you guys."
Cliff N  - Newport Beach , CA
"There's no perfect world or perfect computer but your's come close..."
Philip N  - Ft. Lauderdale , FL
Bon Harris
Charlie Boswell
Craig Anderton
  Starting at $2,699.00
Ground breaking performance with the Intel® Core™ i7 processor.
The most advanced processor brings out
the best of your music with more tracks,
more plugins, more instruments, and
more time to make more music.
Whisper Quiet Operation.
Is this thing on?
Our special blend of cooling fans and power supply efficiency set the standard for a quiet and stable audio computer all year round.
Full length PCIe and PCI cards.
Yes, they fit.
A case design with room for full length
expansion cards like Pro Tools HD gives
you the choice to use the tools you need
to make music.
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